Apples Market Weekly Ad Circular

Apples Market was founded by the Wellington Brumfield Family in 1979. It started as a “warehouse store” in Apple, Norwalk and Elyria regions.

Apples Market was sold to company employees Steve Pittenger and Steve Krakomperger in 1998. Apples evolved into a more traditional supermarket and opened another store on Meister Road in Lorain in 2002, Tops Sheffield Center in 2007 and Shoreway Mall on Lake Sheffield in 2009. Steve Pittenger retired from the company in 2014 and sold his stake to Steve and Tammie Krakomperger. Since then, the Krakomperger family stepped in to keep the Geyer’s Foods location in Wellington open and now runs it as Wellington Apples.

In Apples Market, you can find products in Bakery, Dairy, Deli, Beer, Wine & Spirits categories.


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apples market weekly ad circular
apples market weekly ad circular